10 Brushes Under R150

Our Top 10 Budget Brushes

January really does feel like the longest month of the year doesn’t it. We understand that but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice on your beauty products because your budget is tight.

We have a few Burst Makeup Brushes that are all under R150, making them affordable, even in January.

Angle Brow Brush. For shaping the perfect set of eye brows.

Teardrop Foundation Blender. These are must have little accessories, they make applying your make up so much easier and they come in a variety of colours.

Liquid Liner Brush. Perfect for liquid liners, as well as gel liners.

Dome Blender. This brush may be used to blend away any hard edges in your application, or to apply your colour. This brush is extremely versatile and a must have in every kit.

Concealer Brush. This brush is designed to work on small areas like imperfections, as well as larger areas that may need concealing like dark circles or pigmentation.

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Large Dome Brush. Use this brush flat on the eye in sweeping motions for highlighter, or press the pigment into the skin when using darker colours. This brush may also be used as a large concealer brush, or even contouring on small areas

Angled Eyeshadow Brush. This brush is made of superior quality synthetic hair and is 7mm in diameter. It is cut on a soft angle and is used best as a blending brush.

Retractable Double. This brush is perfect to keep in your bag for a perfect re-application throughout the day. This brush could also be used for spot correction with concealer.

Mascara Makeup Brush. This wand is perfect to prevent the cross-contamination that happens when you apply mascara directly from the tube.

Mascara Wand. This is a standard size mascara wand which may be used to comb the eyebrows into place, as well as to remove clumps of mascara from the lashes.

Do you have any of these brushes? Which one is your favourite?

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