• New Year – New You; Let the brushes do the work for you!

    New Year – New You; Let the brushes do the work for you!

    This is the year for you to stride confidently towards those resolutions and there is no confidence boost like that of flawless skin! With the help of Burst Brushes, there will no longer be streaky foundation or cakey concealer to get you down. This makeup example, by Nikkie Tutorials, shows you the power of makeup and these Burst Brushes can help you achieve this look:

    • Perfect your foundation using the Burst Brushes Teardrop Foundation Blending Sponge by first wetting the sponge and squeezing out the excess water and then applying your foundation in a roll-patting motion.
    • Conceal all imperfections using the Burst Brushes CC01 Concealer Brush as it is designed to work on small areas like blemishes, as well as larger areas such as dark circles or pigmentation.

    Remember that in order to accomplish great makeup looks, the right tools must be used for the right job in the right way. Find these helpful tools and more by visiting www.burstmakeupbrushes.co.za today.

  • Blusher Brushes

    Blusher Brushes – How to choose them and which ones do we LOVE?

    Blusher brushes can be one of those tricky purchases when it comes to makeup brushes but do not fear! Here at Burst Brushes we love helping out with awesome tips, tricks and of course expert advice on all you need to know about makeup brushes . Follow our super helpful blog and be kept up to date with the pulse of the makeup brush world!

    When it comes to choosing the perfect blusher brushes, bear in mind that there is always a tool for a specific job. With that in mind, you may need to own more than one blusher brush depending on the look that you want to create.

    Blusher brushes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures.

    Partly because the best blusher brush for you would actually fit the size of the apples of your cheeks. That means there needs to be a variety of sizes and shapes when it comes to blusher brushes.

    Blusher brushes can also double up as multi-purpose brushes and in some cases you may use blusher brushe for applications such as powder, bronzers or highlighters or just to blend your application where necessary.  We recommend having a specific brush for a specific purpose; however we understand that sometimes we can’t always afford to purchase new makeup items and accessories so these tips are temporary solutions. Since Burst Brushes are so affordable, it’s never been easier to build up an entire makeup brush collection!

    We LOVE Burst Makeup Brushes Range of Blusher Brushes

    We have had raving reviews and feedback on the following stunning blusher brushes:

    • BL 06 – Tapered Blush Makeup Brush
      • This blusher brush is perfect for applying colour to the apples of your cheeks. Go ahead and add that flush of colour to pick up your entire look and revive that youthful roundness!

    Makeup Brushes South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Tapered Blush Brush online makeup brushes


    Makeup Brushes South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Medium Round Blusher Brush - Black Goat online makeup brushes


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  • Buy Makeup Brushes Online South Africa_Affordable makeup brushes in South Africa Johannesburg Buy Makeup Brushes Online South Africa

    Buying makeup brushes online in South Africa used to be quite tricky – there are so many varieties, shapes, options, styles and brands – how do we even start?

    Finally – Burst Makeup Brushes has come to the rescue and we are now able to offer you the opportunity to buy makeup brushes online in South Africa!

    Looking to buy makeup brushes online in South Africa?

    Burst Makeup Brushes are quickly becoming South Africa’s favourite makeup brush brand – and for so many reasons!

    • With a fully equipped online store to care for everyone’s makeup brush needs – from pro’s to those of us who keep it minimal when it comes to makeup – Burst Makeup Brushes has something for everyone.
    • Affordable makeup brushes with the quality we love – gorgeous quality makeup brushes without the premium price tag, and not to mention the incredible sales and specials.
    • We are makeup artists – here at Burst, we fully understand your needs no matter what level of makeup you are in to. With professional advice and expertise, you will never feel lost when it comes to makeup brushes again!
    • Service speaks for itself – we believe in phenomenal service levels and our turnaround times in delivering quality, affordable makeup brushes in South Africa is backed by a track record second to none.

    Buying Makeup brushes online in South Africa has become a breeze – thanks to Burst Makeup Brushes!

    When it comes to makeup, even a ‘natural look’ requires a bit of effort. It is all very well having your favourite makeup brands and products, but these can be expensive and so having the correct tools to do the job – the results are incredible and you will certainly see and feel the difference!

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  • cleaning your makeup brushes Cleaning your makeup brushes

    Check out this super helpful article on how to clean your makeup brushes the correct way!

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  • Makeup Brushes Online Featured Makeup Brush Burst Makeup Brushes Johannesburg Featured Brush

    Product Description

    This brush is 13mm in diameter, and made of Synthetic hair. This is Burst’s own design – none other like it!

    Use this brush for anything! Use it for foundation, concealer, contouring, highlighting, primer, the list is endless.

    Stick to creamy products when using this brush. A definite favourite amongst artists!


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    Why should you consider becoming a Burst Agent?

    • You can earn extra income on sales when doing any kind of application/workshop
    • You make your own working hours which is ideal for freelancers
    • Become a business owner/entrepreneur
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