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    5 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Must Have | Burst Brushes

    5 Makeup Brushes Every Woman Must Have

    How many makeup brushes do you own? It can feel overwhelming knowing which brushes you actually need when there is literally a brush for everything. Unless you are a professional makeup artist, you don’t need to have a big collection of different brushes.

    You can start your with just these 5 Burst Makeup Brushes, you will be able to create all your different makeup looks.

    The Angled Blush Brush. The slants of this brush fit perfectly under your cheekbone to contour without streaking. It can also be used to create definition and is a great all rounder brush.

    Angled Brow Brush. Our Burst Makeup brow brush is made from synthetic hair (which is also vegan friendly) and it is a very thin brush. It is perfect brush to use to create exceptionally neat eyebrows and can be used to apply powder, gel, or liquid eyeliner.

    The Powder Brush. You can use this brush to dust off excess loose powder as well as apply powder. The fluffy bristles of this brush give a smooth application and create a diffused, airbrushed look. When using this brush, make circular movements or use it side to side.

    The Eyeshadow Brush. The beauty of this brush is that it can be used as a large concealer brush and for contouring smaller areas. It can also be used flat on the eye in sweeping motions for highlighting or to press the pigment into the skin if you are using darker coloured eye shadows. For a fancy lower rim, hold the brush vertically to tap on a little eyeshadow.

    The Blending Brush. This is one of our most versatile brushes and is a definite must have. It is used to soften and blend hard edges or to apply colour. You can also use this blending brush to shade creases in your eyes as well as blend the tops of your cheekbones or your upper lip.

    If you are just starting out your makeup collection, start with these five Burst Makeup Brushes. They are all versatile brushes that can be used for a variety of different applications to help you create amazing looks.

    Do you have these brushes in your collection? Which one is your favourite?