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    Andrew St James’ 5 Favourite Burst Makeup Brushes

    Have you been tuning in to LaReine’s live videos on Facebook? If not, head over, like our page and then stay tuned for the next few topics. LaReine has been going live every Friday talking about the different brushes, how you can use them and she has been chatting to some awesome make-up artists, like the well-known Andrew St James.

    LaReine and Andrew had a great chat recently about a new initiative that James will be launching next year and what some of his favourite products are. Among those products where some of our very own Burst Makeup Brushes.

    If you would like to catch the chat, click here.

    What are Andrews favourite Burst Makeup brushes

    1. BBO5 – Soft Rounded Blending Brush – Andrew uses this brush as a shadow brush in the corners of the eyes. (This brush is currently out of stock, you can try the BB 04, it is a smaller version of this brush.
    2. CT01 – Flat Contouring Brush. This is marketed as a contouring brush but Andrew uses it as a powder brush to spot powder all over nose and forehead.
    3. FD03 – Small Foundation Buffing Brush. Fun fact about this brush, LaReine designed this brush herself and took from various different brushes to create this brush that is unique to Burst Brushes. It is also one of Andrews favourites and he uses it all over the face. He uses it to apply foundation in stiple motions.
    4. BL 06 – Tapered Blusher Brush – This is such a popular brush that it has unfortunately sold out but you can get the BL 03 Soft Rounded Blusher Brush on sale right now for only R270.

    If you are just starting to build your collection of make up brushes then these brushes are great ones to start with.

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