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    Beauty Hacks to Avoid

    The internet is full of tips, tricks and hacks when it comes to applying makeup. Some of them work really well but there are a few (ok more than a few) that are just not worth even trying – trust us!

    Avoid using limes for deodorant

    Rubbing lime under your arms might sound pretty zesty and it is certainly earth-friendly but it could end up harming your skin more than healing it. Using limes under your arms can result in skin irritation for many. It is best to avoid this hack and stick to regular deodorants. Or alternatively look for natural alternatives that contain less abrasive ingredients. 

    Mouthwash will not help reduce your dandruff

    This seems like a no brainer, right? Despite the claims that some of the ingredients in popular mouthwashes can banish dandruff are not to be believed. There is absolutely no scientific data to support this claim. If anything using an alcohol based mouthwash on your scalp could do a lot of damage. 

    If you are struggling with dandruff, opt rather for a zinc pyrithione shampoo-and-conditioner regimen. Sometimes sticking to what we know works is better. 

    NEVER use a stiletto or knife to contour

    WHAT? How is this even a thing? But apparently it is but it is probably a hack you want to stay far away from. 

    If you are in a pinch and need something to contour with, try a piece of paper, ruler, pencil, book, notebook, credit card or invest in a few Burst Makeup Contour brushes so you can keep one on you at all times. 

    Deodorant does not combat shine

    Deodorant will block your sweat glands but will do nothing for your oil-producing cells, so you won’t actually reduce shine. 

    The best thing to do if you are trying to reduce the oily shine, is to invest in a oil-absorbing primer.

    Leave the diaper cream for diapers not breakouts 

    It is true that diaper rash cream could soothe an angry pimple, it really isn’t something you should be applying to your face as it can end up clogging your pores, resulting in even more break outs. 

    For those bad break outs look for a product that has been designed to help with acne, including masks.

    Leave the onions in the kitchen

    Some people claim that rubbing onion on your eyebrows can stimulate growth (these may be the same people that use stilettos to contour with). It should go without saying but this is not a good idea – EVER.

    Use a brow serum, makeup or brushes to help you create bushier brows and leave your onions to cook with. 

    Garlic For Pimples

    It is probably best to just leave all food items in the kitchen! Garlic does have anti-inflammatory properties and could help to reduce a single, large pimple but it is not really guaranteed and you will end up smelling really garlicky. 

    If your spot is starting to get a life of its own get some over the counter cortisone cream to stop it in its tracks. It is safer and fragrance free. 

    Remove lipstick with dish soap – or not! 

    Dish soap will remove lipstick from your favourite blouse but you might want to avoid it on your lips. Nothing will happen to you and it might actually remove the lipstick but it will dry your lips out dramatically and if you get some in your mouth it is not particularly pleasant. 

    Use micellar water instead. Simple and easy and it will remove even the most stubborn of lipsticks.

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