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    Beginners Guide to Makeup | Makeup with Burst Makeup Brushes

    Beginners Guide to Makeup Brushes

    Have you just started out on your makeup journey? If you have you will quickly realise that the brushes you use are everything. You can use the best makeup but if you are not applying it with the proper brushes, it will not work its magic as effectively as it could.

    It can be tricky to know what brushes are the right ones, especially when there are so many brushes out there. So how do you make sure you spend your money wisely and get the right brushes?

    We have put together a few brushes we think you need when you are starting out on your makeup journey. 


    Maybe not officially a brush but this TDB P:Teardrop Foundation Blending Sponge can come in so handy in your makeup kit. You can use a makeup sponge for foundation, setting powder, applying contour cream and it works like a dream for blending. This sponge is not really a luxury but a necessity in your kit. Just remember to clean it properly after you use it. 

    Makeup Brushes Online South Africa_Affordable makeup brushes Johannesburg _TDB P - Teardrop Foundation Blender - Pink. airbrush foundation finish beauty blender online johannesburg


    A setting brush is a must have brush and a great one to use for this is the SS02: Large Foundation Brush.  It works well as a setting brush because it is dense so it will pick up the right amount of powder, helping you avoid putting on too much makeup. 

    Make up brushes online SS-02---Large-Foundation-Buffing-Brush---Synthetic makeup brushes online south africa


    We love this brush, it is one of our favourite brushes. The SS01: Large Powder Brush is a fluffy brush that applies bronzer so perfectly. It helps you to apply your bronzer evenly for a lighter look – which is what you want. You definitely want to add this brush to your collection. 

    Makeup Brushes online SS-01-Large-Powder-Brush makeup brushes online south arica


    Need to highlight? No problem the CC02: Soft Concealer Brush is perfect and will come in handy for more than just highlighting. It is the perfect size to pick up just the right amount of makeup to give you the highlights you need. 


    Blending is so important. Not just for eyeshadow but for your overall look. But this little brush is perfect for blending your eyeshadow. Use the BB04: Small Blending Brush  to you remove harsh lines by blending, then blending some more. 

    Makeup Brushes South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Small Blending Brush - Black Goat online makeup brushesSHADOW BRUSH

    Getting your eyes right is so important for your makeup look. The ES05: Large Slanted Brush can help you apply your makeup perfectly on your eyelids. If you are a fan of adding a lot of eyeshadow to your eyes, this is one of the brushes to get sooner rather than later.

    Makeup Brushes online Randburg SS-05---Angled-Blush---Synthetic makeup brushes online johannesburg

    Do you have any of these brushes yet? Which ones is your favourite?

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