Makeup brushes get dirty really quickly. When you apply your makeup the brushes collect oils from your skin, dead skin cells and other dirt that could be on your face. Using dirty brushes can be the reason for skin breakouts, congestion and skin irritations. Using dirty brushes can also be responsible for spreading cold sores and conjunctivitis.

Basically dirty brushes are just a bad idea so you should be cleaning your makeup brushes regularly (even when there is not a worldwide pandemic). There are a few cleaning products specifically for makeup brushes but if you do not have one of these available you can clean your brushes with soap.

Step by step guide to washing your makeup brushes.

Step 1: Wet each brush by running them under warm water. Place them in a bowl of shampoo or soap. Rub each brush gently with your fingers so that they lather up.

Step 2: Rinse the brushes thoroughly under running water until the lather has completely disappeared. Hold them for a little to make sure that they are clean.

Cleaning your Makeup Brushes with Soap | Burst Makeup Brushes

Step 3: If you notice the brushes still have residue, repeat the process. Once you are sure they are clean, squeeze the water off the brushes and lay on a towel to dry.

Cleaning your Makeup Brushes with Soap | Burst Makeup Brushes

Step 4: Place them somewhere they will dry properly if they don’t dry out they will smell.

Germs and bacteria prefer wet conditions over dry ones, so your concealer brushes are more prone to collecting dirt and grime, so make sure you clean those brushes regularly to keep them clean and hygenic.