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    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained

    There are a lot of different types of makeup brushes out there. There are a lot of eye makeup brushes you can choose from and it can be confusing to know which ones do what and which ones you really do need. We break it down for you and look at 5 eye makeup brushes, what they do and why you need them. These are our favourite eye makeup brushes explained!

    Soft Eyeshadow Blender

    This brush is a favourite amongst our professional makeup artists. It is 7mm in diameter and is made of synthetic/vegan hair. It is an exceptionally soft brush and works beautifully on the delicate eye area. This brush can be used to blend away hard edges in your makeup application and it can be used to apply your eyeshadow. It is also a fantastic alternative for concealer, contouring and highlighting applications.

    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Large Eyeshadow Dome

    This brush has been cut round from the sides using a flat iron and is made from synthetic/vegan hair. You can use this brush flat on the eye in sweeping motions to apply high lighting. If you are using darker colours you can use this brush to press the pigments into the skin to create the classic smoky eye look. You can also use this as a concealer brush or for contouring smaller areas.


    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Angled Eyeshadow Brush

    This brush is best used in sideways sweeping movements to elongate your application. It has been cut on a soft angle and is ideally used as a blending brush. Feathery strokes can be drawn easily with this flat angled brush for a more natural-looking brow. The hair used in this brush is also synthetic/vegan.

    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Liquid Liner

    This brush is a must-have brush and is perfect for the application of liquid liners and gel liners. The round shape of the brush ensures that you will get the same even-width line on both eyes. The sharp tip at the end of this brush will help you to end your eyeliner in a perfect point.  This brush is 2mm in diameter and is made of superior-quality synthetic/vegan hair.

    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Soft Dome Crease Brush

    Looking for ways to create that soft, romantic smoky eye look? This brush will help. The dome shape and delicate feel will help you to create soft definition in the crease of the eyelid. Use it to pack on a strong highlighter or shimmer on the eyelid. This brush is 8mm in diameter and is made of special-grade white goat hair.

    Eye Makeup Brushes Explained | Burst Makeup Brushes

    If you are a makeup artist it is a good idea to have all of these brushes in your set as they will all come in handy when you are trying to get the right look on your clients. Pro Artists if you don’t have these brushes, sign up and get them today!

    If you are just starting out your collecting, add one of these brushes to your basket once a month until you have them all. You will find you will get regular use out of all of them.

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