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    How to care for your makeup brushes | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Are your makeup brushes clean?

    Do you clean new makeup brushes?

    When last did you clean the makeup brushes you have? Have you ever cleaned them?

    Keeping your makeup brushes clean is essential, even new brushes need to be cleaned before using them. When you use your makeup brush, it collects skin and bacteria that is on your face. If you do not clean your makeup brushes correctly and regularly, they can collect this grime and will result in breakouts, congestion, and other skin issues. Dirt that collects on your skin can also speed up the aging process and no one wants that, right.

    Even new brushes need to be cleaned before you use them. You don’t know where the brush has been and what bacteria it has picked up. Just because the brush is new and you can’t see anything on the brush, does not mean that it does not have any nasties on it. You can use a good disinfectant to clean your new brushes before you start using them.

    There are a few different ways you can clean your makeup brushes, the important thing is not how you clean them but rather that you clean them properly.

    This is a quick step by step guide to cleaning your brushes.

    1. Run each brush under a warm tap and then into a bowl with brush cleaner. Use your fingers to rub the bristles together, cleaning out all the build-up of grime.
    2. Rinse them under a cold water tap until they no longer lather. Then rinse a little more to make 100% sure all the soap is out.
    3. If it feels like the brushes are still grimy, repeat the process until they feel clean.
    4. Lay the brushes out on a paper towel and allow them to dry properly.

    How to care for your makeup brushes | Burst Makeup Brushes

    If you are in a hurry you can use this express cleanser on your brushes but make sure to wash them properly when you have time.

    Don’t assume that your brushes are hygienic if only you are using them. All makeup brushes are susceptible to picking up dirt and bacteria.

    If you keep brushes in your bag for touch-ups, make sure the brushes are kept in a separate sealed bag and not thrown in with the rest of the stuff in your bag. The same applies for the general storage of brushes in your room/bathroom. Keep the brushes covered at all times so they don’t collect nasties while they are not being used.

    Don’t put off cleaning your makeup brushes. Try to do it regularly to ensure that your brushes remain hygienic. Keeping them clean will also help to make them last longer.

    How often do you clean your makeup brushes?