Trying to find the right colour combinations for dark skin can be tricky but once you have the right colours, you can create bold, dramatic looks. There are, however, a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to makeup and dark skin.

  1. Make sure you colour correct
    Regardless of the skin colour you have, it is essential to colour correct. When you are looking for a new concealer, pick one that neutralizes discolouration and covers dark spots. For example if you have a deep purple cast under your eyes, use a concealer that has some red-orange in it.
  1. Be Bold with Blush
    Don’t be scared to be bold. Use rich, saturated colours, these always look incredible on dark skin tones. Look for bold blushes in deep mauve and cranberry shades, these colours will add both warmth and energy to your complexion.
  1. Contouring is your friend
    To create a flawless look, start with a good, this will also give your skin a proper base but you need to contour to add dimension. Adding foundation only can leave your skin looking a little flat, but when you contour with a bronzer and highlight, it will help to give your look a new life. When you contour, opt for a shade that is darker than your base foundation. Apply your colour on your temples, the hollows of your cheeks and under your jaw. And then blend and blend some more. Blending helps to enhance your features and create a more natural look.
  1. Be Bold with your Eyes
    Dark skin tones match beautifully with bold eye makeup. Use jewel tones and bright colours, they will help to give your skin vitality and create a gorgeous look. When you go bold with the eyes, keep your lips and cheeks a little more muted. Don’t forget about the eyebrows. A good set of eyebrows can really make all the difference in your look. Make sure you shape them perfectly to enhance your eyes and not distract from them.
  1. Matte is great, but not too much
    We love a matte finish but too much matte on your foundation can make your skin look a little cakey and a little unnatural. So if your skin is a little dry, opt for a cream foundation, it will create a more natural look.
  1. Avoid too much white
    If a colour is too pale or too white it can make your skin look greyish and no one wants to look like that. So rather stay away from the pale colours.
  1. Make sure your foundation matches
    Finding the perfect foundation of a dark skin can be a little frustrating but it is so important to keep searching until you find the right one. The best way to do this is to ask a professional makeup artist to help you to find your perfect colour match. You do not want your face to be brighter than your neck or chest. When you are trying out foundations, try to match them to these areas until you find one that matches with those areas.

To apply your foundation: Apply it in broad strokes across your face. Once this has been done start in the centre of your face and work outward using a foundation brush in circular motions. Keep buffing until it is well blended and spread out evenly across your face.

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