#PlasticFreeJuly is celebrated around the world every year. The aim of this movement is not necessary to stop all use of plastic but rather for us all to be more mindful of what we are consuming when it comes to plastic. 

It can feel overwhelming to try get rid of all the plastic currently in your make up drawer or even your bathroom for that matter. So don’t focus on getting rid of it all – start small and make one small change at a time. Living sustainably also doesn’t mean never buying anything in plastic but rather it is about being aware of what type of plastic it is – can it be recycled? Is there maybe a glass or tin alternative? Can you reuse the container?

If you are trying to live a little more sustainably, we have put together a few ideas for you to try this #plasticfreejuly.

Upcycle storage: Instead of buying new storage, use upcycled glass jars, tins or gift boxes. Add your brushes to a little glass jars so they are easy to see and access. Line your lipsticks up in a little gift box and store your eye shadows in a funky tin. We have created a whole Pinterest board dedicated to upcycled makeup storage

Ditch the makeup wipes: You do not need piles of cotton pads to remove your makeup with. Cotton pads are not a sustainable product and there are much better options. You can get one of our reusable makeup removers, it will last you years and you wont have to worry about remembering to add cotton buds to your trolley every month. This is a much friendlier option and actually works so much better.  

Pay attention to the packaging: When you are buying new products, check the packaging. Can it be recycled? If not is there a possible glass alternative? Is there an option to refill packaging? Wherever possible try to find products that use as little packaging as possible. You don’t have to give up your favourite makeup products, just look for options that are kinder to the environment. 

Minimize your routine and products: A good beauty routine doesn’t have to be long and complicated to be effective, if you use a few quality products it can be just as effective. Take a look at the products you are using, do you really need them all? Can you cut down on a product or two? If you don’t want to give up the brand you are using, cutting out one product can make your routine more sustainable. 

Use what you have before buying more: This one is a hard one for the die-hard makeup lovers but as tempting as it is, try to only buy more makeup when your current makeup is finished. Do you really need 10 shades of lipstick – or can you make do with 2 or 3?

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