Who else has loads of brushes and makeup accessories but always ends up using the same brush because it is the only one that is always easily accessible?

The more brushes you have the quicker it becomes disorganized and when you take the time to reorganize you will probably find brushes you never thought you had. Don’t let this happen to you! Organise your brushes so you can see them all every time you apply your makeup.

Keeping them organised also helps to make sure they will last longer.

Coffee lovers will love this one. Not only do the beans make it easy for your brushes to stand up, making them easy to reach, it will also make your room smell divine.


These little wooden containers are so pretty and a great way to organise your brushes, especially if you have a big collection of makeup brushes. This is also a pretty cute DIY project to do.


This set up is great if you have lots of brushes and limited space. You could also use it for your other makeup accessories or beauty goodies.


Glass jars are the best thing, right? This is very similar to the first one but the lids mean your brushes are protected, especially from little people.


Not everyone has a large bathroom or space to keep brushes. If you are short on space, this is a great idea to store your makeup brushes. All your brushes are easily accessible and visible so they are easy to grab when you need them.


If shelf space is not an option, take your organisation to the drawers with this funky set up. It is neat and tidy and super organised.


These mugs are gorgeous and make such cool makeup brush holders. Proof that you don’t need actual makeup brush holders to organise your brushes. Just about anything will do.


Which one of these is your favorite?

How do you store your brushes?