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    Tips on how to use your concealer | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Tips on how to use your concealer

    Breakouts happen at the most inconvenient time, right?

    A lack of sleep results in horrible black bags!

    Hormones wreak havoc with your skin, resulting in blemishes.

    All of this (and more) can be covered up using a good concealer and these handy tips!

    1. Apply foundation, then concealer. Applying foundation first results in the need for less concealer.
    2. Draw a triangle to apply your concealer. Start the base of the triangle under your eye and then make the point toward your cheek. This helps to conceal dark circles and it creates the illusion that your face is lifted.
    3. Prime eyelids with a dab of concealer before applying eye shadow. Doing this prevents eye shadow from settling into creases of your eyelids.
    4. If you are trying to conceal a pimple, start with a green concealer. The green concealer cancels out the redness of the pimple. Once you have covered the pimple, dab on a concealer that matches your skin tone. Blend the concealer in and finish with a setting powder.Tips on how to use your concealer | Burst Makeup Brushes
    5. Pimples don’t only appear on your face. If you want to cover one on your back or chest, cover it with your regular concealer, top with translucent powder.
    6. Is your concealer finished? Place a dot of liquid foundation on your face, let it dry and then blend it. It is important to wait for it to dry, it becomes the consistency of concealer and you will then be able to blend it.
    7. Trying to hide dark circles? Use an orange- or peach-colored concealer, make circles with your ring finger over the dark circles. Using your ring finger is key, it is your weakest finger and applies just the right amount of pressure to the delicate eye skin. The orange/peach color cancels out the dark blue shades circles give off.
    8. If you are trying to hide puffy eyes, use eye cream, highlighter, and concealer. Combine the products on the back of your hand, mix then apply under your eyes, over your brow bone to brighten the area and hide puffiness.Tips on how to use your concealer | Burst Makeup Brushes
    9. Avoid your concealer settling into the creases around your eyes by blotting the area with a tissue.
    10. Use your concealer to cover any eyeliner mistakes by dipping an angled brush in concealer. This is easier than starting over completely.
    11. Line the outside of your lips with a fine-tip brush and bit of concealer. This will prevent the colors from bleeding and make the look amazing.
    12. Looking for plumper lips? Fill the middle section of your lips with a light concealer, blend it with your fingers and cover with a nude lip gloss.
    13. If you want to reshape your lips, cover them with concealer and trace just outside your natural lip line with a lip pencil. Finish with a lip pencil for a matte look or lip gloss.
    14. For a stunning look if you are heading out, use two concealers, one two shades darker and one two shades lighter. Draw the lighter shades on the areas that naturally catch the light, and use a darker one to shade in the areas that are naturally shaded. Use a buffing brush to blend!Tips on how to use your concealer | Burst Makeup Brushes
    15. You can create your own tinted moisturizer by mixing your daily face lotion with a bit of your concealer. This will help hydrate your skin and add a subtle, tinted finish.
    16. Keep more than just one kind of concealer. No one has flawless skin and you will need to use different kinds of concealers on different areas depending on the coverage you need.

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