It is not only makeup artists who should invest in quality makeup brushes. Anyone who wears makeup should buy quality makeup brushes, it will make a big difference in how your makeup is applied and the end result.

Just like with anything to do something properly you need the right tools, including applying your daily makeup. A good set of makeup can make achieving the looks you want so much easier.

Benefits of Quality Brushes

If you are still not convinced you need to fork out your cash for makeup brushes, consider the following.

  1. Your skin deserves the best. When you buy quality brushes, you are giving your skin the best there is. Quality brushes are softer and kinder to your skin which means they are not going to damage or scratch your skin. Cheaper brush bristles also tend to fall out easily and this will lead to the need to replace the brushes and will affect how the makeup is applied.
  2. You will actually save money in the long run. Cheaper brushes will break easier, the bristles will fall out and you will need to replace them regularly. Quality brushes, like the Burst Makeup Brushes, will last you for months, even years if you look after them correctly. So, it may feel like a large initial spend but in the long run you may actually end up saving money.
  3. Quality brushes apply makeup better. Good makeup brushes will help to apply your makeup better. These brushes will make it easier to blend your makeup to create the look that you want. When you use cheap brushes, you could end up with your eye shadow looking tacky and cheap.
  4. They are designed correctly. Each makeup serves a different purpose. Good quality brushes have been designed correctly to ensure that they achieve what you need them to. Cheaper brushes may look like they are the right kind of brushes, but they may not perform as well.
  5. Quality makeup brushes do what they are supposed to do. When you use a quality brush to contour or to apply your eyeshadow it does exactly what it is meant to, making it easier to apply your makeup.

Our recommended makeup brushes

If you are new to makeup and aren’t sure which brushes to start with, consider these 3 of brushes.

  1. Small Foundation Buffing Brush: This is one of our favourite brushes because it can be used for anything from applying foundation to concealer, highlighting and more.
  2. Slanted Contouring Brush: This is a blusher brush but can also function as an all rounder brush to create the looks you want.Makeup Brushes South Africa, Johannesburg, Gauteng, Slanted Contouring Brush - White Special Goat online makeup brushes
  3. Small Square Lip Brush: Get the perfect set of lips with this stunning little square lip brush.


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