Have you looked at people wearing bold, bright makeup and wish you could pull of those looks? Using bright colours can make such a powerful statement and some days you just want to make a statement. You don’t need to be makeup artist to attempt those bright, dramatic looks. All you need is a little imagination, lots of confidence and some Burst MakeUp Brushes.

We are celebrating all things colourful during April. We have put together a few ideas for you to keep in mind when you want to create those more dramatic, colourful looks.

Blend. Don’t just apply a bright eye shadow to your lid. Chances are it won’t look great and could even look like you let a toddler loose on your face. Blending the color gives it a more natural, subtle look and the overall effect will look like you applied the colour on purpose. If you don’t have a blending brush, don’t stress we have one for you.

Pick an outfit that compliments your look. Instead of trying to match your outfit to your eye shadow, rather find an outfit that compliments your look. If you are using bright blue eye shadow and use a bright blue outfit, it can be a bit much.

Place colour strategically. Avoid applying your coloured eye shadow across your entire lid from brow to lash line. Instead try a smokey eye style with bright shadows, or create a dimensional shadow in your crease with your brightly coloured eye shadow. 

Go light during the day and layered at night. Unless you are attending an event where it would be suitable, keep your bright eye shadow more subtle. Go wild at night and have fun with your look. Layer the shadow at night to make it darker and more dramatic.

You can wear bold, bright colours | Burst Brushes

Use eye shadow as eyeliner. Use your brightly coloured eye shadow as an eyeliner. It will help make your look more colourful and it also a littler easier to apply than eyeliner!

Prime your eye with a concealer base. Don’t just apply eyeshadow on your eye lid, prime it first with some concelaer. This will help to make the colour really pop and make more of an impact.

Don’t overdo it. If you are going to go bold on your eyes, make the rest of your face more subtle. Keep your lipstick and cheeks cleaner and more neutral. Even your hair should be a simple if you are using your eye to make the statement . 

Complete the look with mascara. Make sure you add some mascara and shape your eyebrows. If your look is completed it will ensure everyone knows your bold look is intentional.

Mix with other eyeshadows . If you create a smokey eye look, add a pop of color to your eye. Alternatively blend metallics into your look. If you add in colours that are traditionally seen on eyes, it makes the transition smoother.

Flaunt it! Wear your bold, dramatic look with confidence. This will make a huge difference in how people respond to you (whether you have a dramatic look or not.) So put your bright eyes on and be amazing.

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Do you wear bold colours on your eyes?