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  • Burst Brush Feature: Flat Contouring Brush

    What does the term contouring refer to when it comes to makeup brushes. A contouring brush helps to define and shape the look you want to create. Contouring brushes usually have firmer bristles, allowing them to contour and blend your make up, enhancing your desired look. When it comes to contouring, it is a good […]

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  • Burst Eyebrow Brushes Explained Burst Eyebrow Brushes Explained

    It can be so tricky to know what eyebrow brushes you actually need and what brush is a nice-to-have. Our team of makeup experts have created a go-to guide for you to use to create the perfect pair of eyebrows and eyelashes. Adding these products to your makeup collection will help you to shape and […]

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  • Best Beauty Gift Guide | Burst Makeup Brushes Best Beauty Gift Guide

    Beauty products are always great gifts to buy if you have a beauty lover in your life. There are so many different beauty items you can buy from practical every day items to more luxurious, special items that will be cherished. It might feel like it is too early to start planning for Christmas but […]

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  • Makeup Brush FAQ – Top 4 Questions Answered.

    Have you ever had a burning question about makeup brushes that you wanted to be answered? Well, today we address 4 common FAQ’s that are asked.   Buying a set of makeup brushes can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming. You may not be ready to make a decision on a whole set and may want to […]

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  • Dishing Out The Dirt – Let’s Talk Brush Hygiene

    Forgetting to, or not cleaning and sanitizing your makeup brushes often enough could be considered a cardinal sin in the industry if not adhered to, and is something that every professional Makeup Artist must do after every use, and especially between clients. Not cleansing between uses means transferring dirt, bacteria, and oil from products or […]

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  • 5 Great Reasons To Love The MakeUp Eraser: Spring 2018 Skincare Focus

    5 great reasons to love the MakeUp Eraser: spring 2018 skincare focus. Spring is finally here and that usually means we will all be getting some spring cleaning done pretty soon to start the new season all fresh and focused. Typically a spring clean starts out in our wardrobes, but how about tackling your makeup […]

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  • New Year – New You; Let the brushes do the work for you!

    New Year – New You; Let the brushes do the work for you! This is the year for you to stride confidently towards those resolutions and there is no confidence boost like that of flawless skin! With the help of Burst Brushes, there will no longer be streaky foundation or cakey concealer to get you […]

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  • Blusher Brushes

    Blusher Brushes – How to choose them and which ones do we LOVE? Blusher brushes can be one of those tricky purchases when it comes to makeup brushes but do not fear! Here at Burst Brushes we love helping out with awesome tips, tricks and of course expert advice on all you need to know […]

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  • Makeup Brushes Online Featured Makeup Brush Burst Makeup Brushes Johannesburg Featured Brush

    Product Description This brush is 13mm in diameter, and made of Synthetic hair. This is Burst’s own design – none other like it! Use this brush for anything! Use it for foundation, concealer, contouring, highlighting, primer, the list is endless. Stick to creamy products when using this brush. A definite favourite amongst artists! CHECK IT […]

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