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    How To Find Your Skin Type

    In order to care correctly for your skin, you need to know what type of skin you have. Even the most expensive products won’t be effective if you are buying the wrong ones for your specific skin type.  Skin types can be divided into the following categories Normal Oily/dehydrated Combination Acne-prone Sensitive  Mature How do […]

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    Who to detox your skin | Quality Makeup Brushes with Burst Makeup

    How To Do a Skin Detox

    The world is completely upside down right now. We are all a little stressed and anxious about a lot of things. This takes its toll on our skin and can leave it looking dull and as tired as we feel. The good news is that a skin detox can help to breathe life back into […]

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    How To Detox Your Skin

    The skin on your face takes a beating, every single day. It is the one part of your body that is constantly exposed to the elements. It is also the one part of our bodies we take for granted the most! You probably haven’t even considered a skin detox but it might be time to […]

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    The best winter skin care routine | Burst Makeup Brushes

    The Best Winter Skincare Routine

    Winter is not the best season for your skin. Fortunately in South Africa, our winters are fairly mild but it does still get very dry. Before winter officially hits, you will probably notice your skin starting to dry out and your hands will feel like sandpaper and look dull and dry. This drastic change in […]

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    DIY Overnight Beauty Tips | Burst Makeup Brushes

    DIY Overnight Beauty Tips

    If you are trying for a more natural beauty routine, there is probably a whole host of items in your kitchen that you can use for a variety of things, including skincare. We have put together some of our favourite DIY overnight beauty tips just for you to try out. Naturally pink, soft lips If […]

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    Beat the heat with these summer tips | Burstmakeup Brushes

    Beat The Heat With These Summer Tips

    Summer is here and if you are a Jozi based beauty you will have been feeling summer since September! The heat has been intense and it definitely takes a toll on your skin and your hair. Summers are, without a doubt, getting hotter and it is important to make sure you are nourishing and protecting […]

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    5 Colours you need in your makeup bag this spring

    Spring is here in all her beautiful glory. There are blossoms and colour everywhere, it really is a wonderful time of year. The new season brings with it new colours to add to your makeup bag to brighten up your look. There are a few expected colours on our list, like browns and copper but […]

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    11 Habits of Confident Women | Burst Makeup Brushes

    11 Habits of Confident Women

    How do you feel when you walk into a room of people for the first time? Do you feel confident enough to mingle and introduce yourself to people or do you stick to a corner and wait for people to come to you? Do you talk up at work when you disagree or have a […]

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    How to pick the right shade of lipstick | Burst Makeup Brushes

    How to pick the right shade of lipstick

    Adding lipstick to your look is the easiest and quickest way to make a statement and add some colour. It is important though, to choose the right lip colour otherwise it can have the opposite effect on your look.   It is a good idea to find a shade of lipstick that works well with […]

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    Look Younger Naturally With These Easy Steps

    Makeup products and techniques can help to hide wrinkles and other signs of aging. It is a pretty short term solution. Ideally, the aim is to slow down the ageing process naturally. Small changes in your lifestyle can help you to maintain your youthful look and it can help to improve your overall health. What […]

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