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    Burst Brush Feature: Flat Contouring Brush

    What does the term contouring refer to when it comes to makeup brushes.

    A contouring brush helps to define and shape the look you want to create. Contouring brushes usually have firmer bristles, allowing them to contour and blend your make up, enhancing your desired look.

    When it comes to contouring, it is a good idea to keep these 3 steps in mind. Together with our contouring brush they will help you create the perfect look.

    1. SCULPT. Use your contour brush to help you sculpt your bone structure using contour powder. Use this effect anywhere you want to create a shadow.
    2. ILLUMINATE. Bring out your favourite features by using your contour brush to illuminate the high points of your face. For maximum effect, use contour powder.
    3. ENHANCE. Add a little blush to enhance your cheek bones.

    Investing in our Flat Contouring Brush will help you to create the above and this brush is a must have for any collection of makeup brushes.

    This brush is perfect to do a soft contour or a very strong contour. Fantastic on the eyes for your base colour.

    This brush is 15mm in diameter and is made of soft sable hair.

    Use it to create either a soft contour or a very strong contour. It is small enough to use on the sides of the nose, the jawline, and to create a beautifully-defined cheekbone. This brush could also be used on the eyes as a big intermediate blender.

    PRO TIP: Use this brush in circular motions for a softer contour, or in side-to-side sweeping motions for a strong contour. It is also included in our special contouring set!

    Do you own this contouring brush?

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