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    Dishing Out The Dirt – Let’s Talk Brush Hygiene

    Forgetting to, or not cleaning and sanitizing your makeup brushes often enough could be considered a cardinal sin in the industry if not adhered to, and is something that every professional Makeup Artist must do after every use, and especially between clients. Not cleansing between uses means transferring dirt, bacteria, and oil from products or other clients onto the clean skin of your next client. The hygiene factor aside, keeping your brushes clean and in good condition can mean all the difference to your final application result too.

    There is just no excuse for using a brush on someone else before cleaning it properly after a previous client. Even if you are not a professional, you should still be keeping your brushes squeaky clean on a very regular basis and with a proper cleansing regimen and sanitizing products.

    Sharing brushes between people, yes,  even your daughter or BFF without cleaning and sanitizing is also not a safe practice.  Using brushes that are not cleaned and sanitized on different people can easily cause a spread of very undesirable bacteria which could cause all sorts of skin conditions and even illness. In this post, we will look at how you should be cleaning and sanitizing your brushes and why it is so important. Poor brush hygiene is very risky, even if you are only using the brushes on yourself.

    Think about it this way? If you dropped a piece of food on the floor you would not put it in your mouth, so why if you dropped your favorite foundation brush onto your bathroom floor by accident or someone else picked it up and brushed it against their face to feel how soft it was, would you use it on your own face without cleaning it first? The same can be said for a collection of old makeup product hiding inside your brushes. It is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and using those brushes on your skin can spread that bacteria all over the place. Not cleansing your tools can lead to blemishes, clogged pores, breakouts, and even infections.

    Besides cleaning and sanitizing your brushes after daily use, you also need to give them a good deep cleaning every now and then. For that reason, another very good argument for cleaning your brushes regularly is that you can do a deep clean really quickly, as there simply won’t be much to remove when you do.

    To some people, the thought of having to clean their brushes leaves them feeling like they need to run to the hills to avoid it. This is really not necessary if you are already keeping them nice and clean as you go. There really is no reason to need to reserve a few hours at a time to clean them, it can be done in a flash if they are already pretty clean to start. Using our fantastic Express Hygiene Set can really help you to keep the time you spend in cleaning your brushes to a minimum.

    1. The Express Wash Liquid cleans, sanitizes and moisturizes all brush types with no effort, and leaving no product build-up. It is eco-friendly, very easy to use, and saves you a lot of time. It removes the heaviest of makeup and waterproof products with little effort. No more scrubbing your brushes that could lead to them to lose their shape! 
    2. The Express Cleanser is a quick-drying, easy cleaning and sanitizing brush cleanser that leaves your brushes feeling moisturized and soft with a beautiful, fresh scent.

    Watch the tutorial on the Express Brush Wash which is on our YouTube channel to see just how easy it is.

    When it comes to deep cleaning time, consider getting yourself one of these cute little Brush Eggs and our lovely Brush Shampoo to help you get your brushes super clean when you need something more. Have a look at how easy it is in this tutorial also on our channel.

    It is just so important to remember that keeping your brushes and also your Beauty Blender and Powder Puff nice and clean, protects your skin and the skin of others and that is never a step that must be overlooked or avoided.

    Remember that this October when you purchase any of our products including our brush care products and accessories, a percentage of the sales will be donated to the Look Good Feel Better programme.  If you haven’t already, come and join in the conversation on our Social Media platforms Facebook and Instagram and remember to subscribe to our YoutTube channel for more great tutorial videos like the ones in this post.