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    New Year – New You; Let the brushes do the work for you!

    New Year – New You; Let the brushes do the work for you!

    This is the year for you to stride confidently towards those resolutions and there is no confidence boost like that of flawless skin! With the help of Burst Brushes, there will no longer be streaky foundation or cakey concealer to get you down. This makeup example, by Nikkie Tutorials, shows you the power of makeup and these Burst Brushes can help you achieve this look:

    • Perfect your foundation using the Burst Brushes Teardrop Foundation Blending Sponge by first wetting the sponge and squeezing out the excess water and then applying your foundation in a roll-patting motion.
    • Conceal all imperfections using the Burst Brushes CC01 Concealer Brush as it is designed to work on small areas like blemishes, as well as larger areas such as dark circles or pigmentation.

    Remember that in order to accomplish great makeup looks, the right tools must be used for the right job in the right way. Find these helpful tools and more by visiting today.