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    5 Colours you need in your makeup bag this spring

    Spring is here in all her beautiful glory. There are blossoms and colour everywhere, it really is a wonderful time of year. The new season brings with it new colours to add to your makeup bag to brighten up your look. There are a few expected colours on our list, like browns and copper but we have a few new, possibly surprising additions.

    So ditch all the winter colours and grab these happy, bright colours to celebrate the new season.


    This colour has made its appearance before but this season it is growing in popularity and has plum undertones to it. This is a great colour to warm up your face while still keeping things natural-looking. This colour looks great in mattes, glosses, and stains.


    Copper is one of those colours that will always be popular this season from frosted ginger, ripe peach, and burnished copper. Be sure to add some powders and gels in the different shades of copper.

    Rose Gold

    Who doesn’t love rose gold! It is a sheer colour and the wash of petal pink and golden metallics create gives your skin a bit of summer glow. It is such a fun colour to play around with, adding some shimmer and shine to your look.

    Honeycrisp Red

    Spring would not be spring without a red. But we are challenging you to step outside your comfort zone and play around with red on your eyelids and cheeks. Be bold with your colours this Spring!


    We had to add this sparkling colour to our list. It is such a vivid, rich colour, much like the bright colours of Spring. Let this gorgeous colour shine on its own or use it to add a pop of colour to your look.

    Which one of these shades is your favourite?

    What are some shades that are excited about adding for Spring?

    Whatever colours you add this Spring, don’t forget to add our Burst Makeup Brushes and browse our new lip colours, there are some stunning new shades available.