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    Who to detox your skin | Quality Makeup Brushes with Burst Makeup

    How To Do a Skin Detox

    The world is completely upside down right now. We are all a little stressed and anxious about a lot of things. This takes its toll on our skin and can leave it looking dull and as tired as we feel. The good news is that a skin detox can help to breathe life back into your skin, allowing your skin to recover and get back it’s natural glow.

    What is a Skin Detox?

    Part of the skin’s function is to protect the body against excessive water loss and infection. It is also involved in helping to regulate the body’s temperature, insulation and Vitamin D production. When your skin gets dirty and your pores clogged up, your body is not able to adequately do what it needs to do. This is what causes it to look dull and tired. If you are not detoxing your skin regularly you will also notice that it looks inflamed and red with an increase in blemishes.

    A skin detox allows you to purge your skin of all the dirt and grime that has collected and settled on it. Once the impurities have been cleaned out your pH levels will be restored and your skin will start to look brighter and healthier. During your skin detox, it is likely that your skin will break out. It might also break out, then clear up and break out again. This is normal and is part of the detox process.

    Why do you need to detox?

    There are a few factors that are likely to contribute to the need for a skin detox.

    • Stress. For many when they get stressed it shows up in their skin in the form of pimples, inflammation and redness.
    • Congestion. If you wear heavy makeup daily or work in an environment where you are exposed to pollution (like a restaurant), your skin will get congested and this results in dehydrated and dull skin.
    • Too much sugar. An excess of sugar can lead to skin inflammation and is one of the leading contributors of acne.
    • Bad habits. Smoking, drinking, not getting enough sleep or not drinking enough water can all contribute to the state of your skin.

    How to do a skin detox.

    There are a few easy things you can do to help your skin detox and restore it to it’s natural glow.

    A well-balanced diet

    Diet plays a really big role in the state of your skin. During a detox it is best to ditch all the fried foods, sodas and excessive sugar. Replace them with more fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to include broccoli, bananas, walnuts, pears and avocados – these will all help to restore your skin’s glow.


    Working out is an important part of your detox process. When your skin sweats and your heart rate is increased it helps to flush out the toxins and impurities. Try to get your heart rate up a few times a week when you are detoxing.

    Facial Treatments

    Book yourself a detoxing facial at your local beauty salon or dermatologist. You can do a face mask or two at home but investing in a proper facial is a great way to really clear out those pores.

    Double Cleanse

    You can add a double cleanse to your daily process, even when you aren’t detoxing. This process involves a pre-cleanser and then a cleanser. The pre-cleanser eliminates any pollutants that may have accumulated throughout the day which makes the cleanser’s job a lot easier.


    Exfoliation is always a good way to bring some life back to your skin. When you exfoliate you remove flaky skin cells and remove any dead skin, leaving you with clear skin.

    Hydrate properly

    Adding a serum to your skin will help to hydrate your skin while it is detoxing. When your skin is hydrated correctly it allows for other products to be absorbed better. Increasing your water intake will also obviously help top flush out the toxins and leave your skin looking healthier.

    Make some lifestyle changes

    During a detox, reduce (or stop) smoking, limit the amount of alcohol you are drinking and make sure you get enough sleep. Cutting down on processed sugar is also a good idea. If you are struggling with sweet cravings, have a few pieces of dark chocolate or grab some fruit

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