Adding lipstick to your look is the easiest and quickest way to make a statement and add some colour. It is important though, to choose the right lip colour otherwise it can have the opposite effect on your look.


It is a good idea to find a shade of lipstick that works well with your skin tone that you can use on a daily basis, so you don’t have to try find a new colour for every day.

How to pick the right shade of lipstick | Burst Makeup Brushes

What should you consider when picking a new lipstick colour?

  1. Your skin tone. There are 5 main types of skin complexion and figuring out what your skin tone is the first step when choosing the right lipstick colour. The 5 main skin complexion types are fair, light, medium, tan and deep.

Different colours work for different skin tones. We have put together a quick guide for you to use when deciding on a new lipstick colour.

  • Fair or light skin complexion: Go for light pinks, corals, peach, nudes and dusty reds.
  • Medium skin complexion: Pick rose, berry, cherry red and mauves.
  • Tan skin complexion: Rock coral, deep pink, bright red all work well. Avoid browns and shades of purple.
  • Deep skin complexion: Pick shades like plum, caramel, wine, blue-based reds, browns and purples.
  1. Know your skins undertone. If you know your skins undertone, it will make picking the correct colour of lipstick much easier and you will be more likely to find a shade that compliments you. There are 3 basic undertones, cool, warm and neutral and these will vary depending on your skin tone.
    • Cool undertones: if you have fair or like skin, go with soft mocha or nudes; medium skin complexion, stick to pink’s or cranberry shades and tan or deep skin tones will work well with ruby and wine shades.
    • Warm undertones: for those with fair or light skin, pale pinks and peachy nudes are best; if you have medium, tan or deep skin tones, then copper or bronze shades are best.
    • Neutral undertones work well with a wide variety of colours.

How to pick the right shade of lipstick | Burst Makeup Brushes

If you are struggling to figure out your skin tone, try these two quick tips to determine what it is. You can look at your veins, blue or purple veins are associated with cool skin tones, green veins mean warm tone skin and if you are having trouble determining the colour of your veins, you more than likely have a neutral skin undertone.


Gold jewellery usually works better with people who have warm undertones but if silver looks better on you then you have cooler undertones.


  1. Consider the shape of your lips. There are so many different types of lips, some are top heavy, others are asymmetrical while others have heavier top lips. The shape of your lip does play a part when deciding on the shade of your lipstick. If you have top heavy lips, apply a bright lipstick onto the bottom lip and try a darker shade of the same colour on the top lip. If you have asymmetrical lips make sure you outline your lips with a lip pencil.
  2. The size of lips makes a different. Lipstick is great to make lips look thicker than they are or to highlight plump lips. If you do have thinner lips, avoid dark colours, focus instead on lip gloss and creamy lipsticks. The opposite applies if you have plump lips, stick to darker shades.
  3. Don’t ignore your hair colour. Yes, your hair colour can impact the lipstick colour you choose. There are so many combinations to consider so we will just cover the more common ones.
    • Dark hair, tan and deep skin tones can use golden beiges, ochre and bronze colours.
    • Blonds with fair and light skin should stick to dusty pinks, light pinks and scarlets.
    • Red heads with fair skin should try pick colours in salmon pink, corals and burnt sienna.
    • Brown hair, medium skin tones will work best with beige, salmon, pink and corals.

How to pick the right shade of lipstick | Burst Makeup Brushes

If this is still overwhelming or you aren’t sure what your tones are, try on a few shades and the makeup counter and ask the beauty consultants what they suggest works well.


Do you know what lipstick colour works best for your skin?