How the Affiliate Program Works

Welcome to our Affiliate Program for Burst Brushes


Please Note: The Affiliate Program runs i’s own custom user management system. If you currently have a login username etc. please use the same one for affiliate to ensure the right user role is applied.

The Purpose of this program is to help our pro-artists and anyone with a passion for beauty to grow their own little business inside our business model. The affiliate  program provides an area where you can sign up and create links that are shared via your platform of choice, be it any social media platform, email, WhatsApp etc.

The benefit of it is, when your post reached your potential client, you can track and see client visits and purchases. When they do buy something, you start earning commission from the sales made. The best part of this program is that every client referred by you, remains YOUR client with our lifetime policy. In other words, every time the particular client purchases anything on the website, you earn commission from that purchase.

The more paying clients you refer, the higher your commission earnings become. To see the commission structure, please click here.

Below are the steps explaining how to use the affiliate program.

Referral URL Generator

Once signed up – navigate to the Affiliate Program area. Then under Affiliate URLs you can start creating your first affiliate redirect URL. The page will contain a generic URL that leads to the home page of our site. If you would like to promote a specific page, it is as easy as going to the page, copying the address in the URL bar, and pasting it in the provided block.

Naming Your Campaign

A campaign is just a reference to help you better track where you posted the URL to see which platform is most effective, e.g. if you are going to post the URL on Facebook, you would add Facebook in the provided block below CAMPAIGN NAME. This is optional, however, it is advisable as it makes for better tracking knowing where your referrals are coming from. If you have two or more campaigns, you can better focus on what is effective. Further explanation to follow in step 3.

After the URL and campaign name is set, simply click on the pink ‘generate’ URL button.

Posting the links on various platforms

Ideally it would be best to name the campaign in reference to where the link will be posted, e.g. Facebook post would have Facebook campaign URL and Twitter will have Twitter campaign URL. This will benefit you in step 3.

How to post Links

It is very straight forward. Copy and paste the created link to your desired platform.  It could be a direct message, Facebook post, a WhatsApp message, or even an email.


  1. For email or blog image posts, right click on the image, select the hyperlink and paste the generated affiliate URL.  When the user clicks on the image, they will be directed to the site.
  2. If your URL is long, use these URL shortening services https://bitly.com or by copying and pasting into the provided blocks and follow the prompts.
  3. DDirect Linking from your own website: If you have a website, you can add a new menu button that directs to Burst Brushes. Create a campaign called ‘website’ in our affiliate area and use that link as the URL. That menu directs the visitor from your website to ours, and if they buy anything, you will be rewarded. Consult your web admin or designer to assist you further.
  4. Creatives coming soon!!


You can see a full overview of your campaign, from how many visits, how many purchases and the percentage earned. The graphs, referrals, pay-outs and visits page are there to provide you with analytics in detail to monitor progress.  Use this information to see which campaign performs the best.



Comping soon!! – This area will provide art work like banners, buttons, art work and other creatives that can be used to easily create awareness on your website, emails, and social media platforms, hyperlinked by you to return more referrals to help you grow your commission level.


The steps are as easy as 1 2 3…

Once you have analysed your campaign to see what works, just repeat steps 1 to 3 to create more links, and watch your commission level grow.

Ask your clients to share their purchases on social media and tag you and Burst in the post.  That way you build up a strong social following based on our combined service.


For any queries regarding this program, please do not hesitate to contact us.