5 Looks to Perfect During Lockdown

We have a list of 5 looks to perfect during lockdown. None of us really wanted to be confined to our homes right now but there are some positives. You can use any free time available to work on perfecting some of the makeup looks you have been wanting to try out.

We have put together a few tutorials on some basic makeup looks that you can practice while you are on lockdown. Practise definitely does make perfect and you have the time now to get in some practice, perfecting these looks.

When the lockdown is over you will walk out of your house looking absolutely amazing, having perfected all of these looks.


Eyeshadow is pretty simple to apply but, like with anything, there is always a better way to do it. This tutorial will give you the perfect looking eyes, every time.


Eyebrows can make such a difference in your overall look. Now is the time to work hard at designing the perfect shape and style.


These tutorials can take some time to work through, making them a great choice to watch now.  You will contour like a pro after watching this a few times.


Eyeliner is one of the trickiest things to try to apply but watch this tutorial to find out how you can apply liner perfectly in a couple of minutes.



Complete your look with perfectly applied lipstick.

What looks are you trying to perfect at the moment?

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