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Regardless of the brand of makeup you use, there are times you need to touch up or go from a day look to an evening look without going home. It doesn’t really make sense to keep your entire makeup kit in your handbag, so you have to pick just a few essential items that you carry with you that will help manage just about any beauty crises.

These are our 5 beauty essentials you should never leave home without

Lip Balm: Dry lips look lackluster and dull, the heat in South Africa takes a toll on your lips. Find a good, rehydrating lip balm that will keep your lips hydrated, bright and full of life.

Lipstick: Sometimes you need to apply a fresh coat of lipstick before you go into a meeting or you just need to pep up your look with a fresh layer. Lipstick is definitely a must-have item that you should have on you at all times.

Concealer: Have you gone to the toilet at work and noticed your eyes are looking dark and tired? Adding a little concealer under your eyes can make them looked refreshed and rested. If you work long days and spend hours in front of the computer, make sure you always have a good quality concealer in your bag.

Mascara: Mascara can brighten up your look in minutes. Add a fresh coat can make your eyes look wider, more awake and can highlight your eyes. Find a mascara that is going plump and define and give volume to your lashes.

Bronzer: Sometimes your skin just needs a bit of a pick-me-up during the day. Apply some bronzer above the hollows of your cheeks and around your hairline to give your skin a refreshing glow.

Bonus Item: Personal Hygiene Wipes. These handy little wipes come in nifty little pocket sizes for your handbag. They are really helpful for tidying up looks and help for those moments where you realise there is no toilet paper in the stall!

If you are looking for a new makeup bag, we found these really pretty little ones for you.

Takealot has these cool flamingo cosmetic bags, the perfect accessory.

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For those who like something a little more fun, MrP has this fluffy bag.

Best Cosmetic Bags | Burst Makeup Brushes

We absolutely love the design of this bag from Nifty Gifts.

Best Cosmetic Bags | Burst Makeup Brushes

Superbalist has this simple, yet pretty little bag.

Best Cosmetic Bags | Burst Makeup Brushes

What are some of the beauty essentials that you never leave home without?


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