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    9 Skincare Mistakes

    When it comes to skincare, everyone has advice and there is so much information out there that sometimes it can all feel a bit too much. It is important to try to stay as up to date as you can with what the best skincare routine is for your skin.

    Like with everything when we know better, we do better and many of us are probably guilty of some of these mistakes. All of these mistakes affect the quality of your skin and can be the reason your skin is not clear and radiant.

    Skincare mistakes you are making

    Mistake 1: Using the same face cloth or sponge every day

    Using the same face cloth or sponge to clean your face every day will result in the spread of bacteria, grime, and dirt. Build up a stock of make up erasers or face cloths so that you can use a different one each time you clean your face.

    Mistake 2: Leaving out toner

    Toners can be confusing! People are often unsure as to what role they play in your skin care routine and often just grab the first one that looks good or they leave it out completely. Neither of these are ideal solutions. Toners help to rid your skin of dirt and grime and can help to balance your PH as well as refresh and revitalise your skin.

    Mistake 3: Drying your hair before your skincare routine

    This may not seem like a big deal but when you blow dry your hair it sucks the moisture from your face which is not great for the health of your skin. When you have finished your skincare routine, dry your air on low heat.

    Mistake 4: Not using the right products for your skin type.

    Do you know what skin type you have? If you buy products for the wrong skin type you will do more damage than good. Invest in finding out exactly what your skin type is so that you can buy the right products. This is more important than you think and if you are struggling with your skin, this may the be reason.

    Mistake 5: Ignoring your diet.

    If you are not drinking enough water or eating too much sugar, it will show in your skin. You can invest in the most expensive products, but they can only do so much. You do not have to diet but make sure that you are drinking enough water and limit sugary food and drinks.

    All of these mistakes are so easy to rectify and the results will be incredible.

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