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    Makeup Artists: What to do in lockdown| H

    Makeup Artists: What to do in lockdown

    Many, many industries and businesses have been affected by the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19. Makeup artists are one of those industries that have been negatively affected because the nature of what MUA do is to get up close and personal with people and everyone, even if not on lockdown, is hesitant for physical contact right now. Combined with the fact that social events like weddings and fashion shows have all been canceled, it means that many MUA are sitting at home, trying not to panic about the future.

    We get it. It is hard but there is always something you can do.

    We have put together some ideas for you on how to stay busy, engage your audience and hopefully keep your business going during lockdown.

    Start a YouTube channel: We all know the power of video and MUA have so much content to share. You don’t need a fancy set up, you can use your smartphone to make videos. Share some of your favourite brands, brushes or colors. Make some tutorials for people to try out. The possibilities are endless as to what you can share. Don’t overthink the logistics, set up your camera and just do it.

    Go Live: Instagram and Facebook lives are doing so well at the moment. Again there is so much you can share with your audience. You can go live and share your morning beauty routine, do tutorials, share some tips and tricks or just chat about some of your favourite brands.

    Host a Zoom Workshop: Zoom is great for connecting with people. Offer a workshop to your audience, make the first one free and encourage people to hop on and learn how to do everyday makeup. This can be really powerful to connect with your audience.

    Send out newsletters: Newsletters are also seeing a massive comeback during this time. Brands are using newsletters to stay relevant and top of mind. Share links to your videos offer specials for when lockdown ends or share some tips and tricks.

    Blog: If you have a website, then this is the perfect time to build up your content through blogging. Write articles on must-have items, share how-to posts or lists of your favorite lipsticks. The more content you have the better, so get writing.

    Collaborate: Reach out to brands (like Burst Brushes) and go live together to try out brushes or looks. Or write articles for other sites. Everyone is looking for creative ways to engage with audiences so think outside the box.

    The most important thing during this time is stay as positive as you can and stay as connected as you can to your audience. Make sure you keep your social media accounts updated regularly, reply to emails sent, even if you don’t have definite answers.

    The lockdown will end and you will be able to get back to creating wonderful looks, but there is a lot you can do now to keep your business going.