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    Mascara Hacks

    When applied correctly, mascara can make a huge difference in your look. More often than not the clumps and smudging is not because of the product you are using but rather the way you are using it. While practise does make perfect, we have a few tips to help you apply your mascara right every time.

    Have you added lash care to your beauty regime? Adding a lash and brow serum can help to promote lash growth and create gorgeous, thick, lush lashes. A good serum contains vitamins A,C and E which feed your lashes, helping to strengthen them.

    1. Apply your mascara last

    Applying your mascara last offers the best results. So put on your eye shadow, eye liner and any other eye products and then add your mascara. If you add your mascara first, you increase the chances of smudging it, instantly messing up your lashes. It is also tricky trying to add your eye shadow once your mascara has been added because you are focused on avoiding it, so definitely add everything first and then the mascara as the final step.

    2. Curl your lashes first.

    Even though you are applying your mascara last, make sure you curl your lashes first. Use your eyelash curler to create beautiful elegant curls. Trying to curl at the end is pointless, your mascara will just smudge and clump. To get the perfect curl, hold your curl gently clamped down for around 10 seconds on each eye. If you heat your curler up with your hair dryer first, applying it when it is hot will help get an even better curl.

    3. Avoid pumping your brush in the tube.

    When you pump your brush in and out of the tube it actually causes the brush to dry out quicker. So rather than pumping it in and out, swirl the brush around gently and then pull it out.

    4. Clean off any excess mascara

    Before you apply your mascara, wipe off any excess mascara that might be on the brush. This way you won’t get clumps coming off on your eye lashes, instead it will go on smoothly. You can just wipe off the excess on the side of the mascara tube.

    5. Look down for the first few layers

    When you start applying your mascara, don’t look upwards, instead look downwards. Not only is it easier doing it this way but when you do this you are less likely to get any excess product on your lids.

    6. Move the brush backwards and forwards

    If you want to avoid clumps when you apply your mascara, wiggle your brush backwards and forwards as you are applying it. This means the motion goes up and then side-to-side while you are applying it. Do this a few times until you have covered all of your eye lashes.

    7. Catch any lashes you missed

    Once you have done all of the above, look down and apply mascara with the tip of the brush, focusing on catching any lashes you might have missed. Your outer and inner lashes can be tricky to reach so hold your brush vertically when applying your mascara to those areas.

    8. Clean up mistakes

    Mistakes and smudges do invariable happen, and it can be frustrating ending your look only to find you have smudged it or there are clumps somewhere. If this happens, don’t fret, grab a cotton swab, add some petroleum jelly and wipe the mess away. It works well every time and will have you looking spick n span in no time.

    It is that simple to get the perfect set of thick, lush lashes.

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