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    Minimal Makeup Tips | Makeup with Burst Makeup Brushes

    Minimal Makeup Tips

    “The simplest things are often the truest.” -Richard Bach

    Creating minimal looks is becoming more and more popular as minimalist lifestyles grow in popularity. 

    Minimalistic looks focus on enhancing your natural beauty. It does not mean you use no makeup, instead it means using less makeup more strategically to let your natural features really shine. 

    Start at the beginning: reduce your makeup collection

    If you use makeup daily you probably have a rather large collection of makeup – a lot of it probably collecting dust. Take some time to clear it. 

    • Check the expiration dates of the products and get rid of anything that is past its expiration date. (Make up generally lasts about 6-12 months). 
    • Get rid of the products you don’t use any more. Very often we buy something thinking we like it or need it, only to discover we don’t but it sits in our collections, gathering dust. Get rid of it. 
    • Start a routine using just the basics. There are a few items of makeup that you will use every day, put a list together and focus on those items only. 

    Minimalist Makeup Tips

    Stock up on the basics.

    You need a cleanser, makeup remover and moisturizer – this is where your makeup journey begins, regardless of whether you are going minimal or not. Making sure you are looking after your skin properly means you will need less foundation and makeup in general. 

    Our reusable makeup erasers are the perfect addition to your minimal makeup collection. 

    Go makeup free for a day.

    If you do currently wear makeup every day it might seem impossible to go “naked” but it is often the best thing for your skin. Not only does it allow your skin to breathe better, it is also a good way to cut back on the makeup you are using. 

    Bronzers are your friend.

    A good bronzer can take your look to the next level.  Investing in a matte bronzer will help you contour your face while still keeping your look natural.

    Eyebrows frame everything.

    We have spoken about eyebrows a lot, that is because they are so important.  Your eyebrows frame your whole face – don’t neglect them. Use our brow brush to help you create the look you want using very little (if any makeup).

    You can do amazing things with mascara.

    If you have a good mascara, using it on its own can be more powerful than you think. It can open your eyes up and make them the focal point of your face. 

    Its all in the lips.

    A fun idea is to keep the makeup on your face minimal and then brighten things up with a bold lip colour. But that said, adding a tinted lip balm or a lip gloss can be just as effective. 

    Never minimize the SPF

    Sunscreen is never an option – it is always essential. 

    Your skin type is important.

    If you don’t know what your skin type is, you need to find out. It will make a difference in the products you buy and how you use them so it is more important than you think. 

    Stick to the basics. 

    Once you have cleared your collection, focus on keeping just the items you actually use on a regular basis.