Winter is all about deep, rich colours that scream comfort and warmth. When the cooler weather rolls around, it is time to switch out your bright summer colours for the richer colours of winter. An easy way to add that burst of colour is to add a trendy winter lipstick.

Chanel Rouge Allure

This is such a stunning shade of winter lipstick. The deep red colour is delivered to your lips through ultra-thin pigments for full coverage. Not only is it the perfect shade, it does also come with sweet almond oil, green tea and sappan wood to help keep your lips hydrated throughout winter.

Marc Jacobs Intense Plum

We are so in love with this shade of lipstick. The deep plum is intense and full-bodied. Add it to your lips for the perfect winter lips. This lipstick will also help to keep your lips soft and moisturized.

MAC Lip Duo Diva/Burgundy

This comes as a kit from MAC. The lip pencil highlights the burgundy in the lipstick. The colour is bold but warm and will be perfect in your winter lipstick collection.

GUCCI Matte Neptune Blue

Deep blue is synonymous with winter and is a trendy colour this winter. The deep colours, when applied, offer a rich intense look with a matte finish.

GUCCI Tiger Lily

A single swipe of this lipstick will cover your lips in this luxurious colour, finishing your look off opulently. It is a moisture-rich lipstick that will prevent your lips from drying out during winter.


For long-lasting cover, you need this ultra-matte lipstick. This colour defines winter and will add comfort and style to your look. The best part of this particular lipstick is that it comes with a studded leather case so you can keep it with you at all times.

DIOR Rouge Dark Blue

This is another blue shade of lipstick, perfect for those evening winter looks you want to create. The lipstick comes with the perfect blend of oils to hydrate you lips all through winter.

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