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    How to shape the perfect pair of eyebrows | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Shaping The Perfect Pair of Brows

    You may not know this, but your eyebrows can impact the shape of your whole face. It doesn’t matter how you chose to wear them; your eyebrows will factor in to deciding how your makeup looks. It can feel too risky taking control of your brows yourself, but can you really risk leaving them to grow wild?

    If you are considering shaping your own brows, keep reading to learn how to pluck the perfect set of brows every time.

    How to shape the perfect pair of eyebrows | Burst Makeup Brushes

    We have put together a few different ways you can create a stunning pair of eyebrows.

    1. Tweezing is essential.

    No one really enjoys tweezing their eyebrows, but it must be done. To make the process easier and less painful, do it directly after you have had a hot shower or bath. The reason for this is that the warm water will open up the follicles and this will make it easier to pull the hair out.

    1. Make sure you have good light

    Trying to pluck your eyebrows in poor light is a recipe for disaster. Natural light is your best option but if you don’t have that in your bathroom, use a smaller mirror and proper lighting to pluck any brows.

    1. Keep it trim.

    You can use a little nose hair scissor to trim the front part of your brows. This will help them to look fresh, neat, and tidy. Don’t be tempted to use a large pair of scissors, this could be disastrous.

    1. Pay attention to the direction of your hair growth.

    When you tweezed your hair, make sure that you pluck the hair in the direction of your hair growth. The reason for this is so that you can pull the whole strand out easily. Once you have plucked the hair, if you can still see a black whole you have not plucked the entire hair.

    1. Avoid magnifying

    Using a mirror that magnifies your eyebrows might seem like a logical thing to do but it can actually work against you. By magnifying your eyebrows, you distort the view, and this could lead you to plucking the wrong hairs.

    1. Get the shape and alignment right.

    To make this part of the process easier, use a brow pencil to guide you and help you to find the beginning, end, and the arch of your brows. Hold your brow pencil against the bridge of your nose vertically, right where your nostril begins – this is the starting point. The natural arch can be found by placing the pencil on the tip of your nose and angle it straight across your pupil. For the end of the brow, angle the brow pencil against the end of your nose and eye. If your eyebrow is longer than this angle, tweeze those hairs.

    1. Fill them in if you need to.

    For the best possible brows, you might need to fill them in a little bit. Make sure you find the right colour to complement your brows and then go slow, you don’t want to make it obvious you have coloured them in, just highlight the colour.

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