Hello Spring!

The new season is the perfect time to breathe a little new life into your beauty routine. Winter was all about moody colours, dark pigments and floating eyeliner designs, Spring is all about growth and adventure with bolder eyes, lips, and brow styles. These are just a few fun Spring looks for you to try out.

There are a few looks and styles that are always popular, like winged and smoky liner, but there are also a lot of new looks that are making their way to the social media feeds of those in the know. . From colorful eyes to subtle accents, these are just a few of our favourite popular spring looks. 

Dewy Skin

The theme this spring is less is more. By opting for lighter foundation, it means that your skin is able to breathe more and you are able to create a lighter more natural look, which is very growing in popularity. 

To create the dewy skin look, you can use a water-infused tinted moisturizer and then when you apply the lightweight foundation, you can use a beauty blender to stipple on product when your skin is still slightly damp from the moisturizer. 

You can add an extra dewy look by adding a bright blush, creating fresh flush to your cheeks. 

Thick brows

If you follow celebs like Dua Lipa and Lily Collins, you will have seen this full brow trend. When you create thick, fluffy arches they work perfectly to frame your face. To keep your bushy brows in place, you can apply some full control hairspray to keep them in place all day long.  When you are applying your brow products, do so in strokes so that they mimic your natural hairs, brush with a clear hair gel that will both fluff and set them. 

Smoky Liner

Heavy eyeliners are making a big comeback and they are so easy to replicate. All you need is a black eyeliner pencil and a heavy hand – meaning that  both makeup newbies and artists alike can replicate this look. 

To create this look pack on bold liner around your eyes and then soften it out on the edges. 

Bold Colours

Spring is all about being bright and bold, right? So pack away the dark winter colours and haul out more vibrant pigments like yellow, greens and blues. To create the clean, structure eye look that is going to be popular in Spring, use a little micellar water to clean up your look. If you don’t have one already, invest in a pallette that features some fun vibrant colours. 

Colour Blocking

Spring is all about bold colours – you don’t have to stick to just one colour, you can combine a few successfully. Colour blocking allows you to incorporate fun, bold looks into your everyday makeup. To pull this look off, pair two shades and the buff one of them out while still keeping the other colour clean and structured.

Which one of these looks is your favourite?