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    Makeup Hacks for Busy Moms | Burst Makeup Brushes

    Makeup Hacks for Busy Moms

    One of the biggest things all moms struggle with is time. There just never seems to be enough time to get everything done that needs to do get done. This is especially true in the mornings when everyone needs to be dressed and ready and out the house by a certain time. Mom’s are always looking for makeup hacks that can make their makeup routine simpler but still effective.

    Applying makeup does not have to take you hours. It is possible to create every day looks that are still stunning but do not require you to spend time you don’t have in front of the mirror. You also don’t need to apply every single product out there to create a pretty look.

    Keep only the products you use. We all have those basic makeup products we use all the time. Keep only those items nearby when you are doing your makeup in the morning. This prevents you wasting time looking for things you need and it helps you to stick to those looks you know.

    Wear Moisturizer. Don’t skip on the moisturizer, it not only moisturizes your skin but prevents your makeup from looking flaky and dry. Apply your moisturizer and then wait for it to soak in. When you are deciding on a moisturizer, look for one that has SPF in it, then you won’t need to apply both.

    Remember to blend at the chin. When you are applying your foundation, don’t forget to blend at your chin otherwise there is a very distinct line where your makeup ends and it doesn’t look great. Blending sponges can help with this but you can also use your fingers.

    Apply Foundation To Lips Before Lipstick. When your day starts as a busy mom you often forget to reapply lipstick during the day. An easy way to make it last a little longer is to apply your foundation to your lips and then apply your lipstick.

    Wear Either Dark Eyes OR Dark Lips. Bold looks are stunning but you don’t always need to make a statement, especially when you have limited time. Pick either dark eyes or dark lips and work with that.

    Apply Concealer In A “V” Shape. Moms often struggle with dark circles under their eyes. An easy way to conceal this is to apply your foundation in a V-shape under your eyes instead of the usual semi-circle.
    Doing this will reflect more light and make your face look brighter and more awake.

    Don’t forget to remove your makeup every night. Our makeup eraser makes this process so simple. Wet the eraser and wipe it all away. Don’t skip this step, cleaning the makeup off your face daily is not negotiable.

    It is also important to clean out your makeup stash regularly using a good quality cleaner. Eye shadow palettes bacteria and need to be replaced fairly regularly to avoid infections and other nasties getting into your eyes. Your brushes and blenders also need to be cleaned regularly