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    Synthetic vs natural brushes. Which one is best?

    Synthetic v.s Natural Brushes. Which Is Best?

    Synthetic v.s Natural brushes. Which is best?

    There are a number of different reasons as to why you would perhaps choose one type over the other or have a combination of both. I will briefly share a few on each.

    Natural: Natural brushes are just that, natural-bristled brushes made mostly from Goat or Boar,  Horsehair or Sable even Squirrel. They are super soft against the skin and feel like heaven when applying make-up. One of the main reasons professionals favor natural brushes over synthetic is their ability to pick up fantastic pigment and distribute it evenly and more precisely every time. Natural brushes are amazing with the powdered product like shadows, Bronzer, Highlighter and mineral powders.

    Synthetic brushes don’t seem to be able to simulate this exactly which makes reaching for natural brushes more of an obvious choice for professionals for these specific applications. Natural brushes would also be the first choice for those that experience sensitivity to synthetic fibers against their skin.  However, there are still a few downsides to natural brushes and they are that natural brushes may not be your first choice for liquid or cream products as they are porous and soak up a lot of product.

    If you have a sensitivity to animal hair, you would probably not be wanting to use natural brushes and another being that if you follow a Vegan lifestyle you would want to be sure the brushes you were using were all synthetic. Probably the biggest downfall of a natural brush, however, is that fact that because they are made of animal hair they are prone to shedding and you may find yourself with a few bristles lodged in your almost impeccable foundation application which is not the look you were going for.  That being said, see FAQ 3 in our previous post again for the best way to clean and care for your brushes and you can keep shedding to a minimum.

    A few natural brush options on our store are:

    BL 04: Slanted Contouring Brush

    ES 06: Soft Dome Crease Brush

    EB 02: Petit Dome Brow Brush

    BB 06: Tapered Blending Brush – Black Goat

    BB 01: Soft Blending Brush – Special Goat

    BL 006: Tapered Blusher Brush – Goat

    Synthetic: Even though natural brushes are typically the preference for professionals the world over, there is a growing love for synthetic brushes and I will touch on them here. One of the biggest reasons is their affordability making girls all over the world very happy to be able to add to their collection with ease and achieve many different looks.

    Brushes made with synthetics would also be the obvious choice if you were allergic to animal hair or perhaps follow a Vegan lifestyle and would not want anything that contained animal byproduct in your kit. Synthetic brushes are also much easier to clean than natural brushes as their bristles are not prone to holding onto product like the natural counterparts. Synthetic brushes also take on less product so you would also benefit from less product wastage. On the downside however you may find that synthetic brushes are a little harsher on some skin than the natural brushes perhaps would be.

    As with the natural being good to pick up the powdered product, the synthetic brushes aren’t quite as good at picking up powdered product although they are hard workers and can really take a beating and will last a very long time if cared for correctly.

    Some examples of Synthetic/vegan hair brushes  are:

    SS 02: Large Foundation Buffing Brush

    FD 05: Stipple Foundation Brush

    SS 11: Angled Brow Brush

    SS 05: Soft Eyeshadow Blender

    SS 07: Large Eyeshadow Dome

    FB 01: Standard Fan Brush – Synthetic

    At the end of the day, the choice between the two is very personal.  You may find you are happy to have a combination of both or you may swing more towards one rather than the other.  The choice is therefore however entirely yours. For this reason, we have chosen to supply both types of brushes in our collection to suit the needs of everybody.

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