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    Brush Shampoo : Lemongrass (150ml) : SH L


    This special makeup brush shampoo (150ml) is mild on your precious brushes. It cleans, softens the hair, and leaves your brushes smelling totally delicious! As it has no stripping agents, it will not remove heavy, oil-based products, but it will remove commonly-used things like water-based foundations and eyeshadows.

    Use this makeup brush shampoo with the Burst Brush Egg for truly amazing results! Wet your brush, and dispense a little bit of the shampoo onto the pump platform. Sweep up the shampoo with the brush, and wash it in circular and side-to-side movements against the brush egg.

    Allow your brushes to air-dry, and enjoy your next makeup application!

    PRO TIP: In between deep-cleaning your makeup brushes with this lovely shampoo, we recommend cleaning your brushes with our matching brush cleaner between every use!


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