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    Terms & Conditions

    Terms & Conditions

    BURST Makeup Brushes Terms and Conditions

    1. Payment is strictly ‘Cash before Delivery’.  Retail orders will only sent out for delivery after full payment have been received.
    2. Beauty Salons and Beauty/Makeup Schools can be distributors/depots for the Burst makeup products, but not Agents
    3. Place orders via the website,, or, order in writing via email, to, or via,via sms on 0823884098, WhatsApp, or even Facebook messenger.
    4. Pro Artists will receive an automatic wholesale price
    5. BURST reserves the right to charge interest at 2% per month on outstanding invoices not settled.  A collection fee of R150 per invoice will also be levied after 60 days.

    Burst Makeup Brush Agents

    1. ONLY makeup artists, or someone with makeup and sales experience can become BURST agents. Subject to BURST approval.
    2. To sign up as a BURST Affiliate and to use BURST as an Affiliate Partner you must be at least 18 (eighteen) years of age, and supply a valid ID number.
    3. To become an agent, an initial buy-in/opening order of R3 000 (three thousand rand) is mandatory. This partially covers the cost of the sample set which you need to present to prospective customers.
    4. The rest of the sample bag may be paid off over 6 months
    5. A minimum order of R1 000 should be placed per month for the first 6 months.
    6. Only one agent per area will be allowed, this ensures You have no internal competition.
    7. A 50% deposit is required for Agents and Wholesalers on order; the full outstanding amount is due in 14 days after delivery
    8. Agents may not exceed the suggested retail price, unless a written  explanation is given and approved
    9. Agents are responsible for their own deliveries and payment thereof
    10. If the agent organizes any workshop days or promotional days, let BURST Studio know so it may be displayed on the website
    11. The agent’s details will be displayed on the supplier page on the website, please make sure it is correct.  As soon as the agent’s details changes, BURST Studio must be informed immediately

    Burst Makeup Brush Delivery

    1. A delivery fee of R50 within Gauteng will be charged, and a R80 delivery fee to any other provinces within South Africa, including remote areas.  Same day deliveries will be charged at R180 regionally, weekend or emergency deliveries charged at R210
    2. Orders will be sent out as soon as payment have been received and confirmed.  From their parcels may take 48 to 72 hours to reach you during weekdays.
    3. Weekend deliveries will only take place if it has been specifically requested

    Burst Makeup Brush Returns

    1. No cancellation or return of a product will be accepted after the product has been shipped.
    2. Brushes will only be exchanged or replaced if a manufacturing defect can be proved, or that no negligence of the product has taken place within 14 days of receipt of product
    3. When a defected product have been returned, the client will be given a credit to the value of the product, not cash refunds will be given
    4. Credit will also only be awarded if the product was returned no later than 14 days after purchase.