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    Eye Makeup Brushes : A Comprehensive Guide

    Getting the perfect set of eyes can be tricky – if you don’t have the right tools!

    When you have a collection of the right eye makeup brushes creating the perfect look is simple.

    You may be wondering which eye brushes are essential to add to your collection. Wonder no more, we have put together a comprehensive guide on the Burst Brushes eye makeup brush range, making it easy for you.

    Essential Eye Makeup Brushes

    Medium Dome Eyeshadow Brush (ES02) – use this brush to apply colours in the crease of your eye to create definition, or even just sweep a light colour over the lid.

    PRO TIP: This brush is a professional makeup artist favourite, as it is small and flat enough to work under the eye to create that beautiful, sultry smoky look!

    Small Dome Eyeshadow Brush (ES04) – This versatile brush can be used to create depth either in the crease of the eye, apply and blend eyeliner and create a beautiful and bold liner underneath the eye.

    PRO TIP: This brush is perfect for creating definition on the eye, and it is small enough to work underneath the eye.

    Tapered Blending Brush (BB06) – Save time by blending your eyeshadows in a few sweeps to give a beautiful soft edge. This brush is exceptionally soft and works beautifully in the delicate eye area.

    PRO TIP: Versatile brushes like this one are vital additions to your brush collection; they save you time and money!

    Mascara Fan Brush (MSC) – This nifty little brush is perfect to use to apply mascara on very short lashes, or false lashes without pulling on the glue. It’s also ideal to create a perfect eyebrow!

    PRO TIP: Try wiggling the brush from side to side as you stroke it up the eyelashes – this will both separate and define your lashes!

    Perfect Contouring Brush (CT01) – Create the perfect definition on your cheeks and nose with our favourite contouring brush. This brush could also be used on the eyes as a big intermediate eyeshadow blender.

    PRO TIP: Use this brush in circular motions for a softer contour, or in side-to-side sweeping motions for a strong contour.

    Ideal Eyes Brush Set

    The Ideal Eyes Brush Set was customised especially to create that perfect and creative eye application.

    Create Light day, corporate or sultry smoky looks, and sue the makeup eraser to gently clean your face at the end of the day!