If you are starting to build a makeup collection it can be overwhelming and expensive. Before you run out and buy all the makeup, take a moment to think about what you really need and want from your makeup. 

Building up your initial collection of makeup can be expensive if you don’t have a plan and you might end up with makeup you never actually use. 

You can build up your collection of makeup on a budget, with a little bit of planning.

1. You don’t need brand makeup for it to be good makeup

We are not saying avoid buying big brand names all together, rather we are saying that the smaller brands can be just as good as the bigger, expensive, designer brands. The biggest benefit of buying the cheaper brands initially is you can figure out what colours and products are going to work for you and your skin type. 

If you aren’t convinced, check out the ingredient list of the products you are considering – chances are you will find that there isn’t much difference between the designer brand and the smaller brand. 

2. Less is (Always) More

When it comes to makeup products less is more often than not more. It can be tempting to grab up every eye shadow, lipstick and mascara you see but this will lead to piles of products you probably don’t end up using.

Start out with a few of the basic items and then increase your collection slowly, adding only items you really want – even if you have spend a few months saving up for it. 

3. Start with the Basics

While your glitter eyeliner and shimmer and shine lip gloss are super pretty and brighten up your look – they aren’t essentials. You won’t find yourself reaching for your glitter eyeliner every day but you will need your foundation daily 

It might not be as fun to buy the basics but they are so important in your makeup collection because they allow you to create a range of fun looks. 

Once you have the essentials you can add a couple of fun items to your collection.  

4. Check the sales

Sales are well worth the wait. Most retail stores have regular sales on their makeup brands, including the bigger brands. Keep an eye on your local stores for when they have makeup sales but try to focus on buying only the products you really need – it can be tempting to just buy everything you see on sale. 

5. Kits are great, but be careful

Large kits can be very appealing. All those colours in one palette can seem very tempting but be careful. Don’t be lured in by super cheap palettes and kits because the quality might not be great and you might end up not being able to use some of the products. If you are looking for a kit it might be safer to invest in a designer one that you can trust. 

What are the makeup essentials?

The below items should be in any kit. They will help you to create a range of different looks from natural to bold and dramatic. 

Liquid Foundation

As the name suggests, a liquid foundation is the starting point for any great makeup look. It might take you some experimenting to find the brand that works for your skin type and colour but it will be worth it. 


Concealer is great to cover up those dark circles under your eyes, reduce redness and hide blemishes. When you are looking for a concealer try to find one that is light and wont look too cakey on your skin.

Eyebrow Pencil

Don’t underestimate your eyebrows. Having a quality eyebrow pencil in your collection helps you to shape your eyebrows and create a fuller look. You want to find an eyebrow pencil that you feel comfortable using as it will make it easier to create the perfect set of brows.


Eyeshadow is obviously an essential in any makeup kit. Start with some basic shades that you can blend easily to create the looks you want. 


Eyeliner allows you to really define your eyes but the choice as to whether you use a liquid or a pencil is up to you. Both work equally well but some prefer the pencil and for others the liquid works better. 


Mascara is another must-have item. Mascara is a quick and easy way to create an instant lift in your look. It is worth it to spend a little more on a quality mascara – it really can make a huge difference in your overall look. 


Adding foundation to your skin does also remove a lot of the colour on your face – blusher puts that colour back but be careful not to create round clown cheeks! You don’t need to pile on the blusher for it to be effective – a few gentle strokes is often all you need. 

Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Lipstick are a great feel good makeup item – add some bold red lips and you instantly feel a little more confident. They are also an easy way to add a little colour to your look. They are also one of the more affordable makeup items, which means you can afford to build up a collection of your favourites. 

Makeup Brushes

All the makeup in the world is only as good as the brushes used to apply it! Investing in a quality set of makeup brushes makes applying your makeup so much easier. If your budget is tight invest in one brush at a time, but this is not an area you want to go for the cheapest set you can find.

What is your favourite makeup essential?

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