Women We LOVE: Dale Madison Titus

Inspirational Women

Here at Burst we believe in showcasing our local talent! We are proud to be featuring some of our most inspirational woman in the industry.

This week we chat to Dale Madison Titus

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Introduce yourself – name, age, etc.

Dale Madison Titus, 35 years old.  Lifelong Transformer.

Are you a makeup artist / hairstylist / stylist, or all of them?

I am a make up artist and hair stylist

Which area do you run your business from?

Cape Town and surroundings

Do you have another job apart from the makeup/hair/styling job?  Please elaborate

I am also a Mind and Body Coach, more so now than ever before. When I left Film industry full time by the end of 2016 after a Health reality check, I had already studied both life coaching and personal training. Knowing that part of what I love doing is helping people to transform to access the most beautiful innate part of themselves, I don’t only need to do that using makeup, I can do that on so many levels. So at this point, most of my week is dedicated to that. Helping people transform from the inside out. Eventually, I would like to be doing that full time.

How many years have you been in the industry?

I was in the film Industry for 10 years before having moved into doing only weddings, special occasion makeup and the occasional shoot and fashion show for the past 2 years. That’s a 12 year run of doing this! I didn’t even realise it was so long!

Tell us something you like about the industry

That there is such a personal interaction that I get to be part of, usually something so joyous. I get to share people’s happiest moments and shine a light on their natural beauty! 🙂 I like also that I got to experience things, people and places that hardly anyone gets the privilege to see like the Full moon from shooting in a cave in the Hex river at 2 am as an example. I do so much less of these kinds of wild experiences but it really has taught me to look for it in the everyday. I love that I get to do that.

Tell us something you don’t like or would like to change about the industry

I would like to change how the crew is protected while working. One of the deciding reasons that helped me leave the film industry in the capacity I was in it for. A union that actually has some sway and that looks after working crews. There have been many life and death situations (I have a had a few myself) because people feel that they don’t have a choice. A Union would provide the much-needed protection and help for misconduct in the industry which is not being addressed at this point. The industry at the moment needs a governing body which has the interests of the crew at heart.

Who is your favourite celebrity you would like to work with and why?

I actually don’t have a favourite celebrity strangely enough. My focus has changed so much in the last few years that I don’t even follow a lot of celebrities. If I were to be pushed for an answer, probably Pink. Her energy and warrior spirit is something I very much admire. Just to be in that kind of fun yet thoughtful force would be an experience of a lifetime I think. Being in the presence of great women does a lot.

What is your best skin care tip you can give?

Good skin starts from the inside out. If you look after your body, your skin will show you that you are doing a good job and a glass of warm lemon water every morning to help flush toxins also doesn’t hurt!

What is your 3 must-have product is your makeup kit?
  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Palette
  • Body shop Vitamin C Spray
  • Blacktrack Mac gel eyeliner
Which is your favourite brush/es in the Burst Brushes range?
If you could meet any living person, who would it be and why, and would you suggest a makeover for them?

Oprah, who would not want to meet Oprah! 🙂 Definitely not! She has a vibe and an authenticity that is all her own that she cultivated over many years! She is a brand in herself and to mess with that would be to mess with the formula.

3 fun facts about yourself

a.       What did you want to be before you grew up?

Under 10yrs A mermaid, a performer, a fairy… Anything completely fantastical where women are strong and magical really!  In the teens, I actually geared my whole life towards being a marine biologist when I studied fashion design! Somehow have come back to the innate part of what I wanted when I was little, that I find really cool.

b.      What scares you the most?

Not living to my full expression of what I have dreamed for myself.

c.       What is the biggest love of your life? (not family)

The desire to help people and myself to remove any obstacles they have to really love themselves and inhabit this life well and with vibrancy.

What is one of the hardest things you had to overcome in your life?

I’ve had a few, but the one that people have most known me for is having lost over 60 kg. After having two asthma attacks before 12 years old, putting on huge amounts of steroid weight. The huge cortisone doses created massive insulin resistance and threw my thyroid out of whack before 15.

Diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in a very overweight body (a tiny percentage of the population ever experiences it), I received radiation to stop thyroid production.

This however added on even more weight. By 16 I had ballooned to over 150kg. The scale stopped there, so I probably weighed more than that. My journey from then has been an interesting one of losing a lot of the weight but also looking after my body to become healthier in every way. Battling with adrenal fatigue a few times in the film industry and working with the real reason my thyroid had pushed up its production.

Till 2016 where after a regular check-up, we had found some morphed cells in my cervix that is a precursor for cancer. That’s when I decided to leave the film industry, my body had taken so much and for so long that stepping out was the only way I could see really honouring and looking after myself. If we don’t feel good in our own skin, there isn’t very much left.

What is your life’s philosophy?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer for me. I live by quite a long list of philosophies. Maybe the one that rings true for now is that we are all guided by a quiet voice that we hardly take the time to listen to and acknowledge but it really is the key to feeling more authentic to yourself each and every time you learn to tune in. Its only whispering ways to you where you can fall in love with your life if you choose to.